Spirosure Fenom HOME
At Home Breath Analyzer

Exhaled nitric oxide monitoring at the physician office has shown limited benefits in titrating therapies for asthma. Better results might be obtained with more frequent fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FENO0.05) monitoring to assist in adjusting doses of inhaled steroids and biologics.1 Recently, the AMA’s Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group (DMPAG) has had a positive ruling on reimbursement for the monitoring of chronic disease such as asthma in the home.2

Given these developments, Spirosure has developed the Fenom HOME™, a hand-held device currently slated to be in clinical trials in 2018 that provides exhaled nitric oxide information to the asthma patient or their caregiver without the need for an office visit.  Physicians can include self-monitored FeNO in their patients' asthma action plans, to provide quantitative information that helps optimize medication usage and asthma control. Used with Fenom CONNECT™, Fenom HOME™ will allow remote monitoring by physicians and caregivers.

  1. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medication; Vol 179. Pp 93-97, 2009.
  2. AMA’s Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group(DMPAG):  The DMPAG is a group convened by the AMA to address coding, payment and reimbursement issues posed by digital medicine. The co-chair of the group described two new sets of codes that will be available for use in 2019: codes describing physician work for remote patient monitoring of chronic conditions (e.g. blood pressure, glucose, asthma) and codes describing interprofessional internet consultations.  These codes were approved by CPT at will be reviewed by the RUC in January.  Also, as you may know, CMS has approved separate payment for CPT Code 99091 which describes at least 30 minutes of physician time per 30 days reviewing patient remote monitoring data.

Fenom HOME™ is not FDA-cleared or CE-marked, and is not available in the United States or elsewhere at this time.  The images shown are a conceptual representation only and the product form is subject to change through the course of development.

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