The smarter choice for FeNO testing

No upfront costs. The pay-per test model doesn’t require the upfront purchase of device or tests, and only charges for successful tests.

Patients only need to exhale through the device.  Intuitive and easy to use for clinic staff.

Fenom CONNECT™ app enables patients to follow their asthma action plan by transforming it into an interactive, personalised tool.

Easy to get started

Pay-per-test model

  • Pay per test after use.
  • No need to pre-purchase the Fenom PRO device or bundles of tests.
  • Monthly volume pricing discounts -- the more tests used, the lower the price per test.

Simplified billing and ordering

  • Fenom CONNECT monitors device usage and automtically invoices monthly.
  • Includes device service and support with remote monitoring.

Improved cash flow

  • Option to receive reimbursement for FeNO procedure prior to having to pay for Fenom PRO tests.
  • Only pay for successful tests.

Simplifies daily use

Accurate measurements


Proven technology delivers consistently accurate results of ±5ppb or 10% maximum.
Calibrated using simulated breath.

Quick-change mouthpiece


One simple piece to change between tests.

True peace of mind


Includes device service and support with remote monitoring.

Easy three-step testing


The test is automatically started when the patient begins to exhale.


The patient exhales for just 10 seconds.


Results are ready in 28 seconds, and automatically uploaded to Fenom CONNECT.

Empowers Patients

The Fenom CONNECT app helps patients follow their asthma action plan


Medication reminders

Automatic medication notifications and reminders to increase compliance.

Check in with symptoms

Patients can track symptoms in order to access the appropriate plan.

Smart alerts

Patients can receive air-quality alerts and view realtime air quality information.


Configurable by you, in under 30 seconds

Set up medications, dosages and frequencies for your patient at the Fenom CONNECT website. Your plan will automatically sync to the Fenom CONNECT app on their phone.

Learn More

For additional details, please click here to download a Fenom PRO overview.

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Fenom PRO is a CE-marked device that provides exhaled nitric oxide information to the physician at the point-of-care.  Fenom PRO is not FDA-cleared, and is not available in the United States.