Spirosure's investment team 

NTK Technologies

NTK Technologies Inc. (parent company NGK Spark Plugs, Co.), headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is a comprehensive ceramics-processing manufacturer and offers a broad line of packages, cutting tools, bioceramics and industrial ceramics. The parent company is the global leader in spark plugs and automotive sensors for internal combustion engines.

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. is a leading healthcare Group in the PRC. Fosun Pharma strategically covers important segments of the healthcare industry value-chain, including pharmaceutical manufacturing and R&D, healthcare services, medical diagnosis, medical devices manufacturing and agent, as well as research and development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical diagnosis, medical devices, pharmaceutical distribution and retail, and healthcare services, making contribution to improving public people’s health.


Iconical is an early investor in our company and a collective comprising of designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, including Janus Friis, and investment funds which invest in projects with big ambitions and global potential. 

South Valley Angels

South Valley Angels is a membership organization of accredited investors providing funding and mentoring to early stage companies.  The organization specializes in investments in medical devices, cybersecurity, agriculture, food and consumer markets. South Valley Angels provides easy access, exceptional mentors, and a network to early stage companies with strong teams, proprietary technology, and compelling visions.

Europlay Capital Advisors

Europlay Capital Advisors (ECA) is a merchant bank and advisory firm that provides financing, startup support, business development services and merchant banking services to its portfolio companies and clients.

QJ Capital

Founded in 2012, QJ capital has built the brand of professionalism and trustworthiness by investing in high-growth industries and showing outstanding fund performance to investors. QJ capital is established by Dan Jin and Peter Zhu, former senior executives of a well-known global hedge fund Cube Capital. Over the past 4 years, QJ always focuses on healthcare and other high-tech industry investment, setting up a portfolio consisting of more than 20 promising enterprises. QJ has now managed about 2 billion RMB. Apart from individual investors, insurance companies, listed companies and FOFs also has also invested in the funds of QJ, showing confidence from institutional investors.

Ohio Innovation Fund

Ohio Innovation Fund has co-invested with every Entrepreneurial Signature Program (ESP) in Ohio, as well as with tech commercialization entities, strategic partners, research institutions, and funds both inside and outside of Ohio. The Ohio Innovation Fund focuses on collaboration, expanding opportunities for everyone—Ohio’s companies, research institutions, universities, venture firms, students, alumni, workforce, state government, local communities, and all stakeholders involved.